Cabinet’s Direct is proud to announce we are Pensacola’s only PPG Pittsburgh distributor. PPG Paints work hand in hand with the painting industry to provide the highest quality coatings with industry leading solutions, dedicated service and an unsurpassed product portfolio to accommodate all projects. Combine the highest quality product and the paint industry expertise of Donnie Atchison you are guaranteed to achieve success in any project that is on the horizon.


For over 25 years Donnie Atchison has been serving the greater Pensacola area’s paint business. With an unmatched knowledge of paint and the experience of multiple color matching techniques coupled with the latest color spectrometer technology there is no color that can’t be matched to finish off that perfect project. There is no one who takes more pride in making sure your paint project will turn out exactly as it was envisioned. In addition to the perfect color match CABINETS DIRECT will keep detailed records in house in preparation for your next project.


Our high-performance paints allow you to get more out of every project: more coverage and more savings. And, thanks to our extensive selection of colors and finishes, more great design. Here are just a few examples of what make PPG Paints the right choice.

Breakthrough – This is a unique paint that will stick to vertically to all surfaces inside and out. This product is so versatile & durable it can even be used for floor paints. Fantastic for finishing cabinets and furniture and has the ability to be sanded like a lacquer.

Manor Hall – Top of the line paint with an outstanding adhesion and thick coating ability. Put this product up against any other top of the line product and ounce for ounce you will discover there is nothing that can compete.

Sun Proof Exterior – Premium exterior house paint designed with Florida in mind. This is a heavy bodied paint that help reduce the amount of splatter, has a high coverage rate, and has a premixed mildew additive to help reduce future mildew growth.

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Multi-family construction and maintenance projects require specific coatings expertise, and Donnie has the know-how to streamline the process for you. He has you covered, whether your job is an apartment turn, a new property, ongoing maintenance, or a complete exterior renovation.

From customized product recommendations to site inspections and warranties, Donnie helps you to:

  • Drive out costs with elements such as free jobsite delivery, program standardization, color consultation, digital property previews and intelligent record keeping
  • Protect your assets through complete project guides that include jobsite inspections, custom specifications, warranties and local maintenance support
  • Provide total product solutions through a deep product line and close partnership with a dedicated sales team specializing in property management
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